Our Vision

Marginalized Burmese people living at home and abroad achieve their basic rights.

We are active in Myanmar and Thailand.

Our Timeline

GHRE Established

Grassroots Human Rights and Education (GHRE) is established as a community group with 5 members to create rights awareness, discussion groups, news for Burmese exiles, and participate in political activism.

International Recognition

A forced labor lawsuit against oil giants puts spotlights on GHRE’s good work.

Indian Ocean Tsunami

GHRE relocated and became a member of the Tsunami Action Group to provide emergency assistance to the neglected Burmese migrants living and working in the Khao Lak area.

  • The birth of the Migrant Development, Education and Health programs.
  • The opening of 3 small learning centers and 2 nurseries.
  • GHRE grows to 35-40 staff and volunteers.

FED Registered In Thailand

Officially registered as a Non-Profit organization in Thailand as the Foundation for Education and Development (FED).

  • Opening of a temporary shelter to safeguard people and the start of a (Burmese) Women Empowerment Program.
  • 2 new learning centers totaling 5 + 2 nurseries

Cyclone Nargis & Youth Outreach

  • Founder Htoo Chit selected as Ashoka Fellow and member of Mekong Migration Network.
  • Start of a Youth Outreach Program for students after Grade 8.
  • Start of Burmese Radio Channel in Thailand.
  • Start of Moken “Sea Gypsies” program.
  • Opening of an office in Mae Sot, Tak province.
  • Received French Republic’s Human Rights Prize.

Consolidating Learning Centers And Approval Of EU Grant

  • Consolidation of multiple small learning centers into 2 key learning centers
  • Expanding safe migration activities to Myanmar
  • Migrant Program receives EU grant and assists 9,000 migrants with legal aid.
  • Supporting Rohingya refugees stranded in the Khao Lak area.
  • E.D. receives Top Ten Heroes of Burma Award in 2014.
  • FED receives 7-Day News Hero Award for defending scapegoats in Thailand.
  • FED grows to 65-70 staff and volunteers

Technology Utilization & Emergency Deportation

We focused on advancements through technological solutions while providing emergency support to migrants.

  • FED IT department develops digital tools for collecting and reporting data using Google Apps and Open Data Kit.
  • Longterm fundraises completes the build of a Computer Lab for students.
  • Launch of FED Myanmar App distributing migration information on mobile phones.
  • Received the “Outstanding NGO Award 2017 and 2018” from Myanmar MOLIP.
  • Emergency deportation support to over 2000 illegal migrants as result of an unexpected change in Thai labor law.
  • Start of Moringa Superfood project in Kayah State, Myanmar, to combat malnutrition in the area.

Strategy, Media, Capacity

A year of evaluation, staff training, and media exposure to improve program quality and impact.

  • Launch of FED Myanmar “Migrant Times” Facebook page distributing migration information through social media channels.
  • Reaching out to more migrants through Facebook Live and a newsletter in 3 languages.
  • Outstanding NGO Award 2019 from Myanmar MOLIP.
  • Set up Non-Formal Education system at the Unified Learning Center (ULC) with 62 migrants workers enrolled.
  • Purchase of a much needed new school bus with contributions from students’ parents.
  • FED officially registered in Myanmar (Dec.’19)

Covid-19 Relief Work & Capacity Building

Thousands of migrants faced unemployment and labor rights exploitation. Those trying to return to Myanmar faced human trafficking or inhumane quarantine conditions.

  • Capacity building among staff and students to work and study online.
  • Organized several Covid-19 prevention activities among communities.
  • 10K+ Food relief bags, 60K+ masks, 24K+ Sanitizers & washing stations, 55K+ Covid-19 printouts, 130K people supported.
  • Trained 24 Community Health Volunteers to carry out essential tasks.
  • Through active campaigning we achieved a 260% growth in Facebook followers between 2019 and 2021, reaching 65K+.

The Team

While projects come and go, we employ over 55 staff across all programs.

Our Core Values

People are at the heart of our work and these are the 7 Core Values we hold dear to us.


Openness, communication, and honesty cultivate realistic and clear action with the highest impact.


We do what we say we’re going to do. All our projects are designed with ownership and clarity at their core.


We work towards a world in which everyone’s rights are protected and treated equally under the law.

Quality of Life

Well-being and happiness, including access to education, work opportunities, good health, and absence of conflict.

Equity and Inclusion

We aim to provide what is needed to allow people to flourish in a safe and inclusive environment.


Alone we can do so little. Together we can change the world. Strong symbiotic partnerships are at the core of our community impact.


We live in accordance with all our core values which we protect at all times through strong ethical principles and clear policies.

Our Partners

The cornerstones of all our good work.