Education is a human right and we believe in its immense power to transform lives.

What is the issue?

Access to education for Burmese migrant children in Thailand is very difficult for a number of reasons: such as poverty, inability to speak the Thai language, fear of discrimination, and living in rural areas.

Our Response

We provide several services to empower Burmese migrants to gain access to educational opportunities in Southern Thailand.

FED primary education

Primary Education

Our migrant learning centers run a Burmese curriculum with extracurricular subjects. We provide a daily pick-up & drop-off service and help students to continue studying in Myanmar.

FED Integration program

Thai School Integration

We help Burmese youth to overcome the challenges enrolling into Thai government schools. Burmese migrants with a Thai education gain opportunities for a better future in Thailand.

Non Formal Education

Non-Formal Education

Living abroad, language skills are very valuable and open up many opportunities. We facilitate Thai and English language classes on Sundays for out-of-school migrants.

Impact in 2021


Burmese migrant children received education through our Primary Education program.


Burmese migrant children enrolled into Thai government schools.


Out-of-school migrant youth received Non-Formal Thai and English language classes.

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“A very welcoming environment where I had the ability to learn about many different aspects of the job including in the field.”

Maw Budu

“The children and the people of the FED showed me the importance of gratitude and kindness.”

Dachelle van Nijnatten