FED will provide Legal Assistance to Get Compensation for a Migrant Victim of a Workplace Accident

On August 9th, 2016, a Myanmar migrant who had been working at a construction materials shop got injured while he was unloading a delivery truck. 22-year-old Mr. Wai Yan Soe suffered a serious spinal injury and has become paralyzed as a result of the injury.


On September 7th, 2016, the victim’s father, Mr. Ohn Saw, came to Foundation for Education and Development’s office to request legal assistance from the foundation in relation to the injury his son suffered at the workplace. “We had just arrived in Thailand recently, and we could not speak Thai, and we can not take care of our son in Thailand. Of course, we did not have enough money to get medical treatment in Thailand. We would like to request to get some a compensation from the insurance company, and would like to go back to Myanmar. We would like the Foundation for Education and Development to provide some legal assistance to our son.”

According to Ms. Swe Swe Myan, also known as Ma Meekan, a staff member of FED’s health department: “We are encouraging the victim’s family to claim the compensation from the insurance company, and would like the victim to take medical treatment in Thailand. The treatment in Thailand is better than the treatment available in Myanmar. We have promised to provide legal assistance to them, and we are consulting with our lawyer for the case.”

Since the accident occurred, the Thai employer has been providing financial assistance to the migrant’s victim’s family and has been trying to work with FED to get a compensation from the insurance company. Ms. Swe, the public relations officer from FED, also said that: “We have already received medical certificates from a Thai government hospital. They confirmed that the victim has become paralyzed as a result of the spinal injury he sustained in the accident, and they say that he may become permanently disabled. We have already contacted with a Thai government officer who is handling the insurance issue, and he advised that the victim and his family should claim at least one million Baht from the company because of the risk of the victim becoming permanently disabled. We are currently preparing to request compensation from the insurance company on behalf of the victim and his family; we will try our best to provide legal assistance to the victim, and now we are consulting with our lawyer.”

The victim is from Moe Nyo township of Pegu division in Myanmar. He is married, and is living together with his parents in Khuk Khak, a village in Takuapa district in Phang-Nga province in southern Thailand. Further news on the process of the claim will soon follow.

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