Migrant Student from FED Learning Center suffers from a brain tumor


Thet Mon Myint, a 9 years old grade 3 student from our Unified Learning Center is suffering from a severe headache due to a brain tumor.

“I have had a headache for a long time. Later on, I couldn’t move my left leg anymore, because the tumor is affecting my nerves I think. Now I am feeling much better and my leg is back too!” said Thet Mon Myint.

The family of Thet Mon Myint brought her to a hospital in Phuket for the first week. There were many difficulties concerning the costs of her stay and the treatment she was getting because they didn’t have any insurances. At some point a nurse told the family that they would hand over the case to the police if they weren’t able to pay the medical costs. At this point the family started to request help from FED; they didn’t know what to do.

The family has lived in Thailand for 20 years. The father of Thet Mon Myint passed away two years ago due to complications of his diabetes. Her mother has been working in the fishing industry to take care of the family.

As soon as the family contacted the FED Health team, we helped them to get a social security (including health insurance) and moved to the Takuapa hospital where Thet Mon Myint would get a covered treatment for 6 weeks. If the treatment doesn’t affect her tumor, she must undergo a brain surgery.

Our Health Team made sure she got an insurance and teamed up with our education program to donate 11500 THB for the first expenses. Thet Mon Myint is currently on a treatment and relieved from her headache, despite the tumor she is doing OK. After the full 6 weeks treatment her tumor will be scanned again to see if her condition improved. Our Health Team will visit Thet Mon Myint regularly to see how she’s doing.

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