Myanmar migrant workers tortured and raped by unknown assailants at Thai rubber plantation

On the evening of October 27th, 2016, a female Myanmar migrant worker was allegedly raped while her husband was tortured and threatened by two unknown men at a rubber plantation in the Hat Yai district of Songkhla province in Southern Thailand.


The woman and her husband were working in the rubber plantation at about 10:30PM, Thai time, when the two unknown men approached them. These two unknown men then allegedly kicked the woman’s husband before allegedly raping her as a gun was held to her husband’s head.

“They kicked me in my chest and back several times, then, they pointed a small gun to my head while raping my wife in our little hut, which was very nearby. My wife was shouting my name for help. My body was shaking, and I wanted to go in and rescue her, I wanted to fight them badly. But I was too afraid to challenge them, because I saw the faces of my young children, who are living with their grandparents in Myanmar. I won’t be able to support my three children if I die”, said the male victim.

FED has arranged to file a case at the Hat Yai police station, and sent the victims to the local hospital to be examined and receive medical record forms from criminal medical doctors. The documents that the victims will receive from the hospital may help the police’s future investigation into the incident and support the victims’ claims in court.

FED has already informed Myanmar government officials of the incident, and has contacted a Thai lawyer that has agreed to provide legal assistance to victims. FED is working very closely with Mr. Moe Aung Khaing, Myanmar Labour Attaché in Thailand. He has promised to provide any assistance he can to the victims. FED has also consulted with Thai human rights agencies regarding the case. FED will collaborate with the Myanmar government officials, the Thai lawyer, the Thai human rights agencies, and the victims in order to ensure that the victims will receive legal aid in a righteous and fair manner.

In Southern Thailand, migrants have very often been the victims of murder, rape, torture, and many other kinds of human rights violations. At that same time, many migrants face difficulties in receiving fair justice in Thailand. Most of the migrants’ cases have been pending, delayed, and even ignored.

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