FED assists Burmese migrant worker with liver cirrhosis

A male migrant worker named U Khing, 61 years old, has been working in Thailand for over 30 years. At the moment he lives in Tongkamin, Phang Nga province, at a Palm plantation. He doesn’t have any relatives in Thailand. U Khing is from Dawei, Myanmar. He has family there, his mother and a younger brother. He has been working many jobs in Southern Thailand. Currently he is working at a rubber plantation.

FED Health team donated 2000 THB to U Khing for his trip back to Myanmar.

U Khing has a drinking problem, he has been drinking since he was young. Because of this he deals with health issues, he can’t work every day. Three years ago he noticed an abdominal distension and went to the Takuapa hospital for a checkup. After checking they diagnosed U khing with liver cirrhosis. The doctor provided some medicine and advised him to go to Phang Nga Hospital for a treatment. With the provided medicine he already started to feel much better, so he decided to not go to the Phang Nga hospital anymore.

FED provided support to obtain a social security card that would cover for the medical costs. Since he has been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis he stopped drinking and became healthier, until November 2016. In November his liver started to show signs of malfunctioning again, and excessive fluid started to build up in his abdomen. He went to the hospital to take it out. However, after a few days the abdominal distension came back and he had been peeing without knowing. Even with the medicine, U Khing regularly has to go to the hospital to take out the fluid.

U Khing said he wanted to go back to Myanmar, so his family can support him. His neighbors requested FED to help him to go back to Myanmar. He couldn’t go alone because his passport was already expired. Our health team donated 2000 baht for his transportation to Myanmar and food for on the way. Now he is awaiting his records and a testimonial from the hospital and an allowance from the local police to freely go back to Myanmar. He will notify FED the day he moves back.

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