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BE THE LIGHT A Solar-Powered Future for our Burmese Learning Center in Thailand

Why donate?

We are reaching out for your support to raise funds, aiming to power our school with sustainable clean energy, harnessing the abundant Thai sun!

In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we set this ambitious goal as a direct result of the 2024 school exchange program between the American School of The Hague in The Netherlands and our Burmese Unified Learning Center in Thailand.

Teachers and students from both schools are working together to realize this dream, but they can’t do it without your help. Every share and every donation will contribute to making this happen. Will you help?

Help us lower our carbon footprint and teach our students about clean energy and the impact of climate change. This project is more than generating clean energy, it’s an inspiration for sustainable change across the globe.

Apart from utilizing our sun as a source of energy, the generated electricity will reduce our overhead costs, which in turn allows us to continue the development of our education program for these marginalized migrant families in beautiful Khao Lak, Southern Thailand — putting donations into projects to empower our students and teachers, instead of paying utility bills.